ODR Training for Mediators– grow your practice online

Course Title
«ODR Training for Mediators– grow your practice online» (see COURSE FLYER)
Description of the course
Online Mediator Certification Training is a unique program which has codified the most commonly applied theoretical knowledge & know-how of a traditional mediation process & has converted it into practical tips, skills & competences for mediating cases online. Module 1 introduces ODR, presents ethics & best practices and creates a practical toolkit for online mediators.  Module 2 offers a detailed online tour of the zoom platform starting from the preparation of an online mediation to its completion. Module 3 adjusts mediation techniques to ODR and transfers mediators from traditional mediation practice into an online mediation environment. All modules include practical training in the form of exercises and have an element of interaction with the trainers and a Q&A session.
Objectives of the training
Online practitioners will get a powerful insight on how to adjust their skills & expertise when mediating cases online, will be guided through the zoom platform features & be trained to use them appropriately, will get a take-off & landing check list for use in any mediation process and will be expected to be able to perform online and to gradually become ODR specialists. Trained delegates will be able to join the ADR point mediation referral cross-border network through the LMDC.
Duration of the training
9 hours (3hrs for each module) + a 3hrs Q&A session
Type of Learning
Online Mediator Certificate – The course includes a multiple choice assessment and a reflection paper submitted by all delegates.

The ADR point is an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program for the certification of Mediators


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