Real Estate Disputes

Disputes with great monetary value

Real estate sector produces thousands of disputes in all sorts of areas such as buying and selling property, use of land, fencing plots of land and so on. The value of real estate is usually significant and therefore parties attach a great interest in resolving such disputes in the best possible way. That is precisely the benefit of mediation in the sense that it gives parties the right to participate in the formulation of the solution instead of leaving it for a court to decide.

Wide application

Mediation is applicable in many fields related to real estate. Land disputes, inheritance disputes, construction disputes, lease disputes, neighborhood disputes, rights of way, disputes in corporate real estate, negotiations for the purchase and development of land, proprietary rights and many more. It ensures a viable agreement and facilitates further steps which will give the parties the opportunity to exploit in a profitable way the use of their property.

Resolution through mediation

Judicial settlement procedures in real estate are costly and have enormous time delays, not to mention the uncertainty of the final outcome. Mediation creates an environment that can manage simple and complex disputes and conflicts with many stakeholders. With mediation is easier to achieve the necessary compromise and this is done in a short time which is especially important when it comes to real estate disputes.

Submission of mediation form

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