Assisted negotiation



We negotiate every day

We negotiate every day on many levels and in different conditions. Whenever there is an issue under discussion or a dispute between two individuals or companies, the first step to resolve the problem is direct negotiation between the parties. This applies regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the dispute at stake. It can be a big corporate conflict or an ordinary landlord-tenant dispute we see every day in the courtrooms.

The art of negotiation

Negotiation is a science with theory and practice, with management methods and special techniques, structure and processes. It takes good preparation, readiness in delivering proposals, clear objectives, flexibility, skills to avoid difficult questions and dilemmas posed by the other side, ability to design solutions & make smart concessions, emotional control, and many more. All the above make negotiation a real art!

Professional negotiators

It is very common in many foreign countries for parties to be assisted by professional negotiators during the discussions, advising them in every stage of the negotiation, helping them handle the feelings and demands of the other side and having the experience to reach an advantageous agreement which will be accepted and respected without creating to the other party the feeling that is has been defeated.


Fees are agreed between the company or individual and the negotiator who will take up the case. They usually include expenses (for transportation, accommodation, etc. if needed), a fixed fee for the management of the case and a success fee when resolving the dispute or making a deal.

Submission of negotiation form

In you wish an ADR point negotiator to assist you in your discussions with other parties, of whichever nature, pivate or corporate, fill in the relevant form by clicking the icon below