Medical Disputes

All well until ...

Patients and health care providers want a health system that ensures the provision of safe and effective care services. For as far as this works properly, all is well. However, the problem starts when mistakes occur, systems fail, unforeseen events of medical liability occur, liability issues of hospital units arise, etc. In such case there are now two options: going directly to courts or first using mediation!

The way of the courts

A legal battle has a significant impact on medical practitioners and their families. Loss of productivity, stress, damage in professional reputation, high cost procedures, increase in the insurance premium, liabilities and many more. Equally for the family of the other side there is grave suffering for the medical error or the loss, pending hearings, high court costs, emotional intensity. Parties assume battle positions while at the end of the process, usually after the exhaustion of all legal remedies, they are both faced with an uncertain outcome.

Resolution through mediation

Mediation accelerates resolution time. It lets the flow of information between the parties, changes the conflict environment, allows better management of emotions, gives space to transparency and better reading of events, defuses hostile behaviors, creates conditions for truthful confessions and assumptions, focuses on the interest of the parties and helps them to find solutions.

Submission of mediation form

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