Civil & Commercial Disputes

The mediation law

Until recently in Greece, the only way to resolve a dispute between two parties was going to court. This involved several years of litigation, high cost and tension between the two parties. After the enactment of Law 3898/2010 parties to a dispute have the opportunity to resolve almost all disputes under private law through mediation with the assistance of an impartial and neutral third party, the mediator, in a process (without formalities and strict rules of civil procedure), short (solution can be find even in one day depending on the nature of the dispute) and low cost (about 16% of the cost of litigation.)

Civil disputes

When we say that mediation applies to all civil law disputes what exactly falls within this term? Most of the disputes that arise in our everyday life and professional activities. Just to mention some of them, commercial disputes,  banking disputes, insurance disputes, financial disputes, inheritance disputes, labor disputes, real estate disputes, medical liability disputes, family disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, construction disputes, intellectual property disputes and many others.

Commercial disputes

Commercial disputes arise every day due to millions of daily transactions between companies. They range from monetary disputes, delivery of goods deadlines, defective products, agreements of exclusivity, payment defaults, outstanding balances and countless other causes.

Resolution through mediation

Mediation is the most efficient way of resolving all these disputes. It has the main advantage of resulting in an outcome within a few hours, giving the parties the possibility of maintaining their business relationship. Mediation in this field of disputes is of particular value when it refers to cross-border commercial transactions, as it overcomes complex issues of legal interpretation and jurisdiction, while the possibility of online mediation is convenient and saves time and costs.


Submission of mediation form

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