European Programmes


The ADR point has submitted successfully to the European Commission & is running & managing two European Programmes for the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Greece & more widely in the European Union.   


The European Programme ADR4ALL focuses on,

  • consumer awareness about alternative dispute resolution methods provided by the EU ADR Directive (2013/11)
  • the development of IT tools & applications for facilitating access to ADR procedures
  • accelerating compliance of companies’ complaints departments and use of alternative dispute resolution
  • promoting the use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform of the European Commission for disputes from online transactions in the EU



The European Programme e-ADR focuses on,

  • increasing accessibility to ADR procedures for all citizens & business, including vulnerable people
  • improving the skills & expertise of the mediators appointed to resolve consumer disputes
  • developing online applications & tools for facilitating access & disseminating knowledge in the field of ADR
  • expanding collaboration & networking with official ADR entities of the ADR Directive, exchanging best practices & expertise in resolving cross border cases