Financial disputes

Financial disputes

Mediation is used many times to resolve financial disputes. This plays a significant role to the overall solution of a problem as money issues are involved in all kind of disputes. In other cases the dispute is limited to a single monetary issue. In this case the mediation process focuses on the amount and the settlement may well be achieved through online blind bidding platforms.

Resolution through mediation

Mediation can resolve such financial disputes in a very smart and simple way. By finding a solution to the dispute and also ensuring that there are no other causes of conflict between the parties.

Smart solutions

ADR point uses smart technology applications that can resolve disputes limited to monetary issues. Such online tools ensure reliability and "technological neutrality". It is a combination of electronic negotiations and mediation that gives fast and effective solutions.

Submission of mediation form

In you wish an ADR point mediator to mediate your disputes cussions with other parties, of whichever nature, pivate or corporate, fill in the relevant form by clicking the icon below