Network VALUE


The ADR point cross-border network has a number of significant advantages. Some of them are,

  • easy interface of the ADR point cross border network portal with practical and clear information in many languages
  • easy access to cross border mediation services though online submission forms
  • safe management of intercultural/cross-cultural disputes through the use of local mediators
  • use of co mediation, with one network mediator in each side to increase build of trust in the process and chances of settlement    
  • flexible procedures which save time otherwise spent on jurisdictional issues arising in court proceedings
  • multilingual procedures made easy through the use of mediators established in the respective countries of the parties  
  • parties engaged in the process in their own language assisted be a local mediator
  • international presence of the network covering most cross border transactions
  • use of experienced professional mediators  
  • easy access to mediators’ profiles, credentials and expertise and use of instant messaging
  • use of online platforms for the convenience of the parties & for speeding up the mediation process etc

If you have any queries about the cross border network, please send us a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION which is located ot the middle of our home page.