Advantages of negotiation



Why negotiations

The circle of our personal and professional life make disputes inevitable as our needs, desires, goals and positions come against those of other people. Without negotiating, disagreements couls escalate to conflicts, intense resentment and hostility. The whole concept of negotiation is to resolve these differences in the interests of both sides and to keep the door open for ffuture communication.

Advantages of negotiation

The use of negotiation is extremely advantageous:

  • It can prevent a conflict from escalating by using "preventive diplomacy"
  • It can open wide new areas of interests to both parties by expanding the “pie”
  • It saves trouble & money by resolving in a short period of time disputes
  • It improves communication maximizing the odds of a positive outcome 
  • In court proceedings the judge decides. In negotiation the decision is in the hands of the parties.
  • It allows parties to tailor the decision to their own needs
  • It works just as effectively in complex and simple daily disputes
  • It can be used for resolving a dispute or making a deal

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