Private Debt Settlement with Banks


The problem of "red" loans

It is widely known that the weakness of private and corporate bank clients to repay their loans is a huge issue with particular financial and social implications. Despite the various legislative initiatives and the intentions of the ministry to enforce regulatory solutions, servicing of loans remains extremely low.

Resolution through mediation

Part of the problem is the absence of implementation of flexible agreement between debtors and banks which could lead to repayment of loans and accrued interests. As everywhere in the world, alternative dispute resolution practices such as mediation is way more acceptable, direct and effective comparing them to the imposition of measures and regulations with uncertain outcome. Not to mention the element of neutrality & independence which build the required trust in the process.

Different kind of disputes

The bank-customer relationship produces disputes every day. Charges not agreed, unfair contract terms, problems with credit and debit cards, misleading customer information, delays in the repayment of loan installments, business debts, liabilities, repayment arrangements, bank accounts, issues in the field of housing and many more, is a just a small range of problems that could be resolved through the mediation process and benefit both parties.