Advantages of Mediation

Advantages of Mediation

Voluntary process

Participation in mediation is voluntary. Parties can withdraw from the process at any point of time without being obliged to give reasons for it.

Parties decide the outcome

Parties in mediation have control over the outcome of the process. The solution is agreed between them and serves their mutual interests and needs.


Mediation is a short process. It can last from a few hours to few days for more complicated disputes. Simple disputes are usually settled within the same day as opposed to litigation which could last for years until the judicial decision.


Mediation is a flexible process with no strict procedural rules. It is not based on legal arguments or evidence but rather on the willingness of the parties to find a common solution to end their dispute. That is why one of the unique features of mediation is the freedom of the parties to agree on something that has no relation whatsoever to the main issue of the dispute in question!

No winners and losers

Mediation aims to satisfy the interests and needs of both parties. By reaching an agreement there are no winners and losers as is the case in courts. Mediation is what we call a win-win option.

It looks on the future relationships

Agreements reached in mediation are always respected and voluntary executed by the parties. It is therefore obvious that mediation leads to sustainable professional and friendly relationship between the parties for the future.

Impartiality and Neutrality

The mediator is a neutral, impartial, and independent third party and has absolutely no interest in the outcome of the mediation process. He/she is selected by the parties or by someone both parties trust. Moreover, impartiality is a principle that cannot possibly be violated by the fact that the mediator does not issue a decision but simply facilitates the discussions between the parties. The solution is theirs!

Confidentiality & Privacy

The mediation process is confidential. Before the commencement of the process all participants are bound in writing by confidentiality.


The agreement in a successful mediation, can, by the initiative of any of the parties, be submitted to the Secretariat of the Court of First Instance Court of the region where mediation took place and acquire the status of an enforceable court decision!

Low cost

The cost of mediation is considerably less than that of litigation because of low fees and the short duration of the process.

High settlement rate

Disputes using mediation have a settlement rate of over 70%. The earlier a dispute goes to a mediation procedure the highest the possibilities of reaching a settlement.


Submission of mediation form

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