Skills & Conditions

Mediators should at all times be neutral, independent and impartial in relation to the parties of the dispute, must have gone through special training, develop skills and have extensive knowledge in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

ADR point Mediators

ADR point ensures all quality requirements by assigning dispute resolution to mediators trained by foreign institutions and accredited by the Ministry of Justice and experienced foreign mediators in cross-border disputes.

Impartiality and code of ethics

Mediators are bound by strict rules of conduct in the exercise of their duties and in particular by legal instruments such as law 3898/2010, the Mediators’ Code of Ethics (Ministerial Decree 109088 Fin. / 12.12.2011), Ministerial Decree 70330/9.7.2015 and the European Mediators’ Code of Conduct.

Transparency & appraisal

ADR point believes in transparency and evaluation. Parties to a dispute that choose the ADR point services will have access to the profile of the mediator who will handle their dispute and if they wish they can send to ADR point an appraisal of the mediator.