Insurance disputes

The problem

Insurance contacts in all sectors create a significant number of disputes between companies and their clients. Distrust in insurance clauses, complicated terms of contracts, covered liability waivers in case of trouble, lead parties to questions the insurance companies’ practices.

Different kind of disputes

When two parties sign an insurance contract they both wish it will not be used. Bur very often life has other plans! Problems usually start when the contracts needs to be enforced. So, questions arise as to ambiguous terms, liability waivers hidden in the  "small" letters of the contract, clauses that reduce the compensation due, delays in damages payment, interpretations that limit customer's rights,  unjustified interruption of the insurance contract, unilateral increase of  insurance premiums and so on.

Resolution through mediation

This is what mediation is there for as an ideal solution for a variety of reasons. Mediator may well be an insurance broker that fully understands the positions of the parties, something that can never occur in a court of law. Mediation allows parties to overcome the strict wording of the texts. It enables them to propose solutions that are even outside the specific scope of the dispute. It creates the conditions for an ongoing cooperation of the parties. It manages the case with absolute confidentiality and privacy which protects the company's reputation.

Submission of mediation form

In you wish an ADR point mediator to mediate your disputes cussions with other parties, of whichever nature, pivate or corporate, fill in the relevant form by clicking the icon below