Workplace disputes

The problem

In every workplace, larger or small differences are generated every day. Amongst workers, between employees and the management, involving executives and directors. Conflicts at all staff levels. Workplace disputes are responsible for a number of problems with adverse impact in the working environment, in human relations and in the financial and commercial results of the company.

Time wasted

Statistics in large American companies have shown that each employee spends 2.1 hours per week from its productive time in some sort of workplace dispute and a manager spends 25-40% of his working time to resolve these disputes!


in the old times the resolution of such disputes was the domain of the Human Resources Departments of companies and the whole resolution process was done empirically. This, however, was often ineffective because these departments are part of the administration and they were seen as lacking the necessary independence and neutrality, therefore they fail to have the full confidence of the parties. ADR point provides today precisely this expertise!

Resolution through mediation

Resolving such disputes is a special mediation subject and has internationally settlement rates that exceed 90%. Workplace mediation is the most common practice in large corporate groups, private companies, institutions and organizations around the world.

Submission of mediation form

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