Family Disputes

Better conditions

Family mediation is not only faster and more effective than court proceedings. At the same time it gives the parties the opportunity to reduce the intensity of conflict between them. It helps them to create better communication conditions for the future, especially if there are children involved. It opens a dialog channel through which each spouse can express feelings and emotion, realize actual individual needs but mainly focus on the needs of the children who are the common concern of both parents.

Resolution through mediation

In many countries of Europe and the whole world family mediation is the basic method of resolving disputes that arise during separation and divorce proceedings. It aims to regulate both financial issues, such as spouse and child allowances, distribution of assets and issues such as the visitation rights, custody of children and many more. Some US states even discuss the possibility of having such issues handled exclusively through mediation!

The Hague Convention

ADR point has specifically certified mediators in international family disputes trained to handle mediation cases involving the Hague Convention on civil child abduction matters (Hague Convention on the International Aspects of Child Abduction), a field of dispute that is expected to increase dramatically due to social conditions and the massive influx of refugees in our country and our region.

Submission of mediation form

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