Dispute Resolution Procedures

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Information has greater value when is limited to what is necessary. This is what we do at ADR point. We show you how to easily make steps towards resolving a dispute.


As you know we all negotiate almost every day. It is just that in ADR point we do this more … professionally...! Read the negotiations section on our webpage and enter into a new world.


Mediation is a simple structured process. We have made it even simpler with easy rules and steps which explain the resolution process form the beginning till the end.

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Apart from the mediation steps we have thought of giving you... a long list of advantages! We have also collected and present in just a single page eight fields where mediation can be of great help. Concentrated information to make use of!

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Meet both ADR processes in the context of different areas of conflicts and everyday needs and refer your case to ADR point either to mediate your disputes with third parties or negotiate to resolve a problem or to reach an agreement.



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So if there is anything you do not understand or want some extra information for online procedures contact us in one of the many ways we have available for you:

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