ADR point

    ADR point

    Disputes can arise in all kinds of relationships and transactions. Whether being corporate or private, of a smaller or larger scale, they still remain unpleasant and frustrating. If the parties decide not to go to court but use an alternative procedure instead, then they must very carefully choose the Center which will resolve their dispute.

    ADR point helps you decide by presenting its short profile!

    Our Profile

    What is ADR point?
    Why was it established?
    What sort of a legal entity is it?
    Where are its main offices?
    How is it funded?
    Which national & European authorities is ADR point approved by?
    Who are the people behind ADR point?
    Which are its working hours?
    Which bodies does it cooperate with?
    Which companies choose ADR point?
    What is the fees policy of ADR point?
    Which are the advantages of ADR point?
    Which is the organizational chart of ADR point?
    Who are the head of ADR point departments?
    Which are the members of the Advisory Board of ADR point?

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