Online Dispute Resolution Platforms


Online dispute resolution

In a world that works online it is quite normal to resolve our disputes online. So we talk about online negotiations and online mediation. ADR point is a leader in online dispute resolution. It is much easier and simpler than you may have imagined. Consider the possibility of you having to resolve a trade dispute with a German company, or when you have a dispute with your landlord who lives in another city, how it feels to participate in the dispute resolution process form the comfort of your office or your home. Isn’t technology something!

Ιn our effort to bring amazing technology to you for resolving everyday disputes, we work only with the best.

Smartsettle Negotiations Platform

There are times when the difference between two parties is not as complex and is only limited to a single monetary issue. Technology has developed applications that have the "technological neutrality" to resolve such disputes. ADR point cooperates with SMARTSETTLE platform that has a great expertise in blind bidding systems making dispute resolution a lot simpler. No need to worry about how you will operate it as part of a dispute. We are here to help you all the way. If you want however to get to know the platform better, we invite you to browse into the SMARTSETTLE!environment!


ZOOM Mediation Platform

ODR technology is the so-called "fourth party". ADR point cooperates with the ZOOM platform which provides a very welcoming and sophisticated environment that serves the needs and specifications of online mediation and more complex negotiations. No need to worry about how you will operate it as part of a dispute. Leave it to an ADR point mediator. However, if you want to get to know it better, we invite you to browse into the ZOOM environment!


More information

This is the kind of innovation ADR point uses in resolving disputes online. We know that is something new for you. So if there is anything you do not understand or want some extra information for online procedures contact us in one of the many ways we have available for you: