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New legislation

European Directive 2008/52 on mediation in civil and commercial disputes was transposed in Greek national law (law 3898 / 2010) as well as in all EU member states and has changed  the options that parties have for resolving their disputes.


Businesses and individuals are now able to resolve any civil and commercial dispute without having to go to court. With a process which is extrajudicial, fast, simple and low cost. A win-win situation for both sides.

Cost & Time

The new procedure applies both to domestic and cross-border disputes. This way processes become a lot easier wherever the parties to the dispute may be as mediation overcomes issues of jurisdiction and legal interpretation. Parties save costs of litigation, travel expenses and valuable time. They can find a solution and in many cases they have the opportunity to maintain their professional and personal relationship.

Solutions online!

Online dispute resolution is the innovation point of all these new procedures! Everyday there are millions of transactions. The ability to resolve disputes through online platforms is a huge technological change that creates trust in the system and increases the volume of trade. New dispute resolution software can apply to different kind dozens of civil disputes, such as insurance, real estate, financial, industrial, medical, hereditary, family and many more.

Innovation ADR point

ADR point has precisely this expertise. To solve everyday disputes. He has knowledge, professionals, environment, network, partnerships, technology, quality and expertise to manage disputes with professionalism and experience. Both domestic and cross-border. Whether the procedures require the physical presence of the parties or through sophisticated online dispute resolution platforms where everything is done ... on the web.

Institutional alliances

ADR point has a domestic and international network of cooperation including leading private and institutional bodies, ADR centers, ODR providers, trade and consumer associations, institutions and organizations from all over the world and large companies which use and trust ADR point services.

Confidentiality and impartiality

ADR point gives great importance to the principles of neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality and privacy protection. These are the foundations of mediation and are strictly protected by the ADR point mediation rules and the professionalism of ADR point mediators.

Rates of settlement

Thus, it is not surprising that the settlement rates in countries where mediation is implemented reach 90%! These is the way ahead for ADR point. The smartest shortcut between the problem and its solution!



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