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Professional negotiation

Negotiation is a demanding process, especially when it comes to complex problems with many different issues such as important financial or commercial interests. Very frequently foreign companies and organizations abroad outsource the negotiation process to professional negotiators who know in depth the issues involved, have the experience to move safely within the negotiation limits, have the knowledge to manage deadlocks, denials, challenges and complex personalities and have the skills to engage techniques and methods that can increase the result for their clients.

The art of negotiation

Negotiation is a science with theory and practice, with management methods and special techniques, structure and processes. It takes good preparation, readiness in delivering proposals, clear objectives, flexibility, skills to avoid difficult questions and dilemmas posed by the other side, ability to design solutions & smart concessions, emotional control, and many more. All the above make negotiation a real art.

Negotiate a dispute or a deal

Negotiation is not only used to resolve disputes but equally and even more to achieve a commercial agreement or any other private deal. In any business relationships, every day, companies and individuals are invited to negotiate fees & salaries, contracts, benefits, terms, many of their personal interests. Therefore negotiation has a key role to our professional and personal life.


Fees are agreed between the company or individual and the negotiator who will take up the case. They usually include expenses (for transportation, accommodation, etc. if needed), a fixed fee for the management of the case and a success fee when resolving the dispute or making a deal.

Submission of negotiation form

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