PRICING policy


Free services

Free services are part of the policy and operation of ADR point cross border network.  The Network offers,

  • free submission of a mediation request, filing & case management  
  • free information to the parties & their lawyers about the operation of the Network, the Mediation Process, the Mediation Rules & the profile of the mediators
  • free pre-mediation online meetings with the parties & their lawyers (one hour maximum duration) followed by mediation (see Mediation Rules)
  • free co-operation on required adjustments of the ADR point cross border network Mediation Clauses for use in a contractual agreement

Mediation fees

Mediation fees include the hourly rate of the mediator(s) and the costs of the mediation facilities (if the mediation is not conducted online). They are both calculated after receipt of the mediation request and on a case by case basis.  

If you have any queries about the pricing policy of the cross border network, please send us a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION which is located at the middle of our home page.