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Dispute resolution cannot wait!

International commerce, contractual obligations, corporate conflicts & workplace relationships create thousands of disputes every day. Some people say that “disputes” is the most rapidly growing industry in our world. However, it is in everyone’s common interest that commerce need to move on, corporate relationships need to continue, workplace tensions need to steam off. As time is money, resolution of disputes can neither be postponed (not even for COVID-19), nor remain unaddressed for long periods due to late hearing dates or lengthy court proceedings. Instant access to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms & fast & effective online procedures must be available for use at all times.

What is the Cross Border Network?

It is a network of highly qualified & experienced professional specialists, mediators & negotiators, located in many countries of the world, who mediate disputes referred to them through the ADR point cross border network. All network mediators are inter connected, they resolve through the cross border network mediation rules and act as network ambassadors in their country.

How does the Network work?

The operation of the network is very simple. Companies, organizations and individuals having a cross border dispute can select via the ADR point portal a network mediator established in their country and submit a request for mediation to ADR point cross border network. ADR point will then forward the mediation request to the other party and after confirming that party’s consent to participate in mediation, asks the party to choose a mediator or the network appoints one from that party’s country (if available). If all parties agree then the two mediators will start the mediation procedure.  The network covers all kinds of civil & commercial disputes and in most cases the entire resolution process is conducted online.

Who are the mediators?

Mediators are highly qualified & experienced professional specialists located in many countries of the world. Users of the cross border network can look into the profile of each mediator, see his/her photo and working languages, read his/her CV, credentials and areas of expertise, text the mediator and refer a mediation case through the mediator’s profile.

How do mediation requests reach the Network?

Parties can refer a case to the cross border network preferably through the profile of the selected mediator or simply through the cross border network online form. The ADR point cross-border network applies its own Mediation Rules to all mediation procedures.  The network has a worldwide presence in thousands of companies, stakeholders, law firms, chambers of commerce etc. A big number of cases reach the cross border network as a result of pre-existed ADR point cross border network Mediation Clauses in the contractual agreement of the parties.

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