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If you are here the chances are that you have purchased a product or a service from an e-shop and things probably did not go as well as expected. Things like this happen all the time! The important thing is to have the mechanism to resolve the problem though easy procedures. To do this, ADR point gives you online dispute resolution.

No matter if the e-shop is located in Greece or abroad. The world of e-commerce has no borders. Our concern is that once we buy with a “click”, we must also resolve our dispute with a “click”.


ADR point gives consumers access to the European ODR platform, a major European initiative introduced by the European Union on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes.



It is a simple and easy process that changes the quality of dispute resolution procedures.

Regulation (EU) 524/2013

Regulation 524/2013 provides the operation of the European ODR Platform. From January 9, 2016 every e-shop in the European Union must provide a link to its website so that consumer have access to the EU ODR platform and the option of an online dispute resolution process.

ADR bodies

The ODR platform includes all European alternative dispute resolution bodies which are accredited under European Directive 2013/11 and registered in their national ADR registries of their countries and are notified to the European Commission.

Europe Online

By using the European ODR platform, consumers can submit their complaint online and their case will be assigned to one of the European ADR entities. Europe gives the floor to ODR and makes consumer dispute resolution faster easier.

Meet the platform

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Learn the 4 MAIN STAGES of the online dispute resolution process


See all the EU ADR BODIES notified to the European Commission

CLICK and start ...

Access to the European ODR platform is simple for everyone. ADR your point guides you in this online environment. CLICK on the image below ... and start the resolution process.

 eu odr platform


ADR point is the only online dispute resolution Center in Greece and among the first in the whole of Europe, which is an official ODR provider of YOUSTICE, the largest private platform for resolving consumer disputes.



And this makes your problem be 5 clicks away from its solution! Perhaps even just one!

Click 1: You can start by clicking

You login and submit your complaint against the e-shop, suggesting the actions you wish for resolving the dispute. You are now already a member of YOUSTICE community! If the e-shop is also a member of YOUSTICE platform, it immediately receives your complaint. If your proposal is also accepted, your dispute is already solved! Easily and online!

Click 2: Direct negotiations

It is very common however that the e-shop will give you a counter offer to the solution you proposed. So you start a simple online negotiation process of exchanging proposals in order to reach an agreement. All very easily, through pictograms, with friendly technology. And with a great innovation: each side sees the negotiation environment in its own language! As you have noticed, so far ADR point is not involved at all in the dispute process.

Click 3: Send the dispute to ADR point

If direct negotiations do not come to an agreement and you do not wish to go to court, you can click on the "SUBMIT FOR RESOLUTION “ icon and send your dispute to ADR point. We take the whole file of your online negotiations and begin the resolution process.

Click 4: Assignment to an ADR point neutral

ADR point assigns the dispute to a neutral who informs the parties of his appointment in their case. Each party has the right within 24 hours to refuse the neutral’s appointment. This can be done up to three times. The neutral who will eventually take over, will then take all the historic background of the dispute and will start the resolution process. Parties and the neutral can use the platform to exchange messages, documents, videos, photos and any evidence they consider useful. All data is protected by high-tech systems.

Click 5: Solution even in 7 days!

The neutral proposes a solution within 7 days (in 30 days for more complex disputes) from the time he has been appointed and received all the relevant material. He notifies the solution to the parties, he states briefly his reasoning and urges the parties to confirm their intention to implement it by clicking the "ACCEPT SOLUTION" icon. Parties must complete the actions required in the solution agreed within 30 days. YOUSTICE has another innovative process: traders are required to resolve at least 80% of the disputes consumers submit to the platform and implement at least 98% of the solutions proposed by the neutral.

That was all! Simply, quickly and easily. Solutions online within a few hours or a few days! Get into Youstice and change your view on how disputes can be resolved.


We should also know that

  • if the e-shop does not yet cooperate with YOUSTICE, while submitting your complaint you can fill in the traders e mail and we will him and invite him into the YOUSTICE online dispute resolution  environment. If he does not accept, we will ask him to resolve your dispute without using online procedures. If he still refuses, unfortunately, it is the end of the road and other options must be examined.
  • the use of YOUSTICE platform are free for consumers. Read more about the fees policy 
  • parties can withdraw from the resolution process at any stage
  • online dispute resolution process does not require the presence of lawyers


Before the submission of a complaint and the initiation of the dispute resolution procedures parties should read the ADR point  RULES OF PROCEDURES