Good. That is as good as it can get!

If you are here the chances are that you have purchased a product or a service form a brick and mortar store and things probably did not go as well as expected. So what can you do to address this problem?

It's very simple. Your problem is only five steps away from its solution!

Step 1: Direct settlement

Contact or visit the store and try to resolve the problem directly with the trader or the shop personnel. Too many differences are resolved at this level. So it is necessary to exhaust this possibility.

Step 2: Submitting a complaint

If your dispute is not resolved and you do not wish to go to court, you can fill in a COMPLAINT FORM (in paper or online using our interactive form) and submit it to ADR point in one of the many ways that you can find on our webpage. Needless to say that for any clarification or question, we are always here for you!

Step 3: Informing the trader

ADR point, after receiving the COMPLAINT FORM will immediately inform the trader and (in case the trader does not already uses ADR point services) will invite him to participate in the resolution process. If the trader refuses, the complaint cannot further be examined and you will very likely end up in court. But if the trader accepts the dispute resolution process begins.

Step 4: Selecting the neutral

ADR point assigns the dispute to a natural and notifies the parties to the dispute. The parties can view the neutral’s profile and have 24 hours to refuse the appointment if they consider that there are issues of impartiality and neutrality. If this occurs and is justified, ADR point appoints another neutral who communicates with the parties, hear their arguments and evidence and receives documentation and proposals in an open consultation process. At the end of the process that lasts a few days the neutral proposes a solution to the parties. The solution includes the reasoning, actions needed by both parties to execute the agreement, a notice that the suggested solution may differ (be better or worse) form a judgment on the same case, a notice that parties are free to accept or reject the proposed solution while thinking about their next options and the parties' right to be informed about the legal consequences if follow the proposed solution as well as their right to resort to courts.

Step 5: Signing of Agreement

If both parties agree to follow the proposed solution, they sign a settlement agreement and any of the parties can file the agreement with the Secretariat of the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki and give it a status equivalent to this of a judicial decision.


That's it! Fast and simple procedures for resolving all disputes. And one more thing. In ADR point we can also resolve online disputes arising from offline transactions!

We should also know that

  • ADR point cannot examine complaints with incomplete data and information.
  • ADR procedure are free for consumers. Read more about the fees policy
  • parties may withdraw from the resolution process at any time.
  • ADR procedure requires neither the physical presence of the parties, nor the use of lawyers.


Before the submission of a complaint and the initiation of the dispute resolution process parties should read the ADR point RULES OF PROCEDURE