Simple Guidelines for Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes


Welcome to "simple dispute resolution" of ADR point

Here you will have the opportunity to find out how easily and quickly you can resolve your consumer disputes.

It is very important that you are here

Because it means that a transaction you had with a trader did not go as well as you thought it would like and before going to courts you wish to consider a different option. That is, to resolve your dispute in an alternative way. Out of courts, without delays, with no tensions and not having to risk an uncertain outcome.

This what ADR point is for!

To show you simple and comprehensive steps you should follow to resolve any consumer dispute. No matter whether your transaction was made online or in a brick and mortar store, the process is just as simple.

Let's go then...

You see two icons below:

  •   if you purchased goods or services from a brick and mortar store, click on the RED icon
  •   if you purchased goods or services online (from an e-shop), click on the BLUE icon