Youstice platform

Innovation in Dispute Resolution

The YOUSTICE platform provides the simplest online consumer dispute resolution environment. With innovative features, such as pictograms for issues and solutions, list of ADR centers and neutrals, limited need for written texts, direct negotiations feature, simultaneous multilingual operation, easy interface and more. The YOUSTICE platform cooperates with professional associations, e-commerce and consumer associations and is already used by companies, consumers and online dispute resolution bodies worldwide.

Resolution even in a few hours!

The YOUSTICE platform has two levels of resolution!

NEGOTIATIONS: trader and consumer negotiate directly using the platform interface in order to find a solution to their dispute. It is at this level that the largest number of consumer disputes is resolved, even in just a few hours.

SUBMISSION FOR RESOLUTION: if the parties do not reach an agreement then the consumer can submit the case to be resolved by ADR point which in its turn assigns it to one of its neutrals.

So simple. So easy. So friendly.

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