Cross-border Assistance

ADR point is an ADR entity approved by the national authority and an Official Alternative Dispute Resolution Center notified to the European Commission according to Directive 2013/11/EU and registered to the European ODR Platform 


If you are here the chances are that you had a problem with a trader during your stay in Greece or during shopping online from a Greek e-shop. Consumer disputes happen every day, all around the world. What really matters for a non-resident is to have instant access to an alternative dispute resolution mechanism. It is important to feel safe and know that, even though in a foreign country, it is easy to be heard and resolve any dispute.

Easy steps

Alternative dispute resolution is a very simple process that millions of people use every day. To make them even simpler for consumers and traders we have established rules that guide you safely through the process. So, before you start, please have a look at the PROCEDURAL RULES of ADR point. They are very easy to understand and follow and will give you a picture of all you need to know. You can read them by clicking the icon below


Let’s begin…online!

Use of the EU ODR Platform

If you bought ONLINE goods or services from a trader in Greece you can use the EU ODR PLATFORM to file a complaint against the trader. Make sure you have tried to resolve your dispute directly with the trader before using the process. If you have and there is still no solution, log in (or sign up) and fill in the form. The platform will do the rest. Click on the icon below to enter the EU ODR Platform


Only EU citizens – only EU traders

Yes. Use of the EU ODR PLATFORM applies ONLY to disputes arising from ONLINE sales within the European Union between a consumer residing in the EU and a trader established in the EU.

What if I am not?

ADR point has the answer. It is called YOUSTICE and is the largest global platform for online resolution of consumer disputes. It can be used by any national, no matter where the trader is established, irrespective of whether or not the transaction was made online. ADR point is an official partner of Youstice. Click on the icon below to enter YOUSTICE


Let’s try now…offline!

Street shopping

If you bought goods or services from a brick and mortar store in Greece and things went wrong ADR point offers you two options to resolve your dispute. Both options are easy, simple and fast. They are free of charge for the consumers and of a very low cost for the traders.  

Let’s meet!

If you are comfortable with the use of electronic procedures, you can use YOUSTICE! If you are not a tech person you can visit an ADR point office located in more than 40 cities all over Greece. Make sure you have tried to resolve your dispute directly with the trader before using the process. If you have and there is still no solution, fill in the complaint form and leave the rest to ADR point. If the trader agrees to resolve the case through ADR procedures, a neutral is appointed and the procedure starts. It is very often that the neutral speaks your language!  

Is this service just for EU citizens?

Not at all! ADR point resolves online & offline consumer disputes for nationals residing in and out of the European Union.      

Watch our videos

See how simple and easy the electronic platforms are, by watching two animated videos.


ODR 24/7

ADR point online dispute resolution platforms & services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, don’t worry what time or day it is. You can file your complaint electronically anytime. 

How can we help you? 

Although ADR procedures are easy and simple to use, many people need help in getting around them. That is why we are here! If you need more information, if there are things you don’t understand or if you need help with the use of the electronic platforms, contact us.  ADR point personnel will be happy to assist you.