Online Dispute Resolution Platforms


Smart solutions

In a world that works online, it is only natural that we should be able to resolve our disputes also online. Online dispute resolution is much easier and simpler than you ever imagined. With ADR point  the solution is just a few clicks away from the problem!

Innovation in Dispute Resolution

ADR point is a pioneer in online dispute resolution. It has online solutions for negotiations, mediation and consumer disputes. It is a great opportunity to discover with us a whole new world of online dispute resolution.

The YOUSTICE Global Platform

ADR point is the leading provider of online dispute resolution in Greece and among the first in Europe, using YOUSTICE the largest private online platform for consumer disputes. Click on the icon below to enter the Youstice experience.


EU ODR Platform

EU ODR Platform was established on the basis of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 in order to facilitate online dispute resolution for consumer disputes in Europe. Click on the icon below to enter the platform.



Simple steps to an online solution

Click on the icon below and discover just how simply you can resolve a consumer dispute, from your  PC, your tablet or your smartphone!



More information

In case there is still something you do not understand or you want some additional clarification on alternative resolution of consumer disputes, please contact us in one of the many ways we have available for you: