ADR point Xpress


ADR point Xpress

Which is the first thing we want when we have a dispute with a third party? To resolve it as soon as possible! In consumer disputes there is no time to wait for weeks and months to get a solution. We want fast procedures and an outcome if possible even in a few hours! In ADR point we are well aware of that!

What exactly is ADR point Xpress;

In ADR point we have a policy of handling immediately all incoming disputes. It is fairly easier to do so for those cases which will go through online settlement procedures.  There are, however, cases that require even faster resolution. In such cases ADR point upon receiving a complaint, will assign it to a mediator who contacts the trader. The time from the receipt of the complaint until the first contact with the trader is less than an hour! If there both sides consent to settle their dispute through ADR, the process starts immediately and in most cases it is conducted online. In most cases an agreement is reached even within the next hour. Because in ADR point when we talk about Xpress settlement we mean it!

Which disputes are qualified for ADR point Xpress?

Cases where there is a real need for an immediate action. When the use of a consumer product is absolutely necessary. When there are time limits associated with the resolution of the dispute. When there is a strong possibility of a harmful negative review on social media. When the resolution of the dispute is required for a follow up commercial transaction. And many more special cases.

What do we do to have access to ADR point Xpress;

Simply contact ADR point and file a request for Xpress process stating the reason. Leave the rest to ADR point!

For more information contact the ADR point helpdesk at + 30 2310 510005 or online at