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ADR point’s effort is to update you about alternative dispute resolution procedures in a quick and simple manner. To demonstrate negotiations, mediation and online dispute resolution in a way that will you easily understand it and use it. So we codified only the information you need to know. You'll find them all on our website. In the easiest to use dispute resolution environment.


Usually images convey messages much more efficiently. That is why we chose to show you mediation in a visualized and pleasant way. We are confident that you will like it.

Resolution guide

ADR point gives you a guide that will simplify for you the use of the ADR procedures. With simple steps and clear description in order to make dispute resolution process even easier. You'll find it all by clicking on each section of our services and by reading through the negotiations, mediation and online dispute resolution instructions. If you feel like asking a question, we are here for you!


If you want to be informed about the law on mediation we have selected a collection of laws and decisions which can be found in our fourfold in the middle of our home page, under the heading Legislation.


ADR point has created an electronic library of publications, articles and magazines for you to read mostly in Greek and English language. You can find them in the fourfold in the middle of our homepage, under the title Library.

We have got news!

Everything that happens in the field of alternative dispute resolution is posted in blue "ticker" in the bottom of our homepage. News, articles, announcements, events, stories, press releases, mostly in Greek and English language. With just a click on the title or the photo you can see all the posts in each category.


Did we miss anything?

Is there anything relevant that you didn’t find in our website? Let us know by email and we will see to that immediately.

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