Meet ADR Freepoint

Each time we have a first meeting with professionals on any area of expertise we feel stressed about the fee we have to pay regardless of whether or not they will to take up our case. In ADR point we believe that the parties to a dispute should be exempt from this burden. That is why we have created the freepoint program!

What does the program include?

Freepoint offers,   

• Preliminary first discussions with the parties of the dispute
• Meetings with the lawyers of the parties
• The first pre mediation session in the ADR point premises
• Any communications for setting the dates for the mediation process
• First reading of the case to see if it can be resolved through mediation
• Organizational details that suit any special needs of the parties and their lawyers

Is someone using freepoint obliged to continue with mediation?

Not at all. The freepoint program is not binding on the parties using it. They are free to continue with mediation or to leave. Statistics, however, show that more than  90% of those using this program decide to try and resolve their dispute through mediation.

Is there a fee for freepoint;

Absolutely none. As its name indicates, the freepoint program is absolutely free!

For more information contact the ADR point helpdesk at + 30 2310 510005 or online at