ADR point Trustmark


ADR point is a Trustmark for alternative dispute resolution. It offers a simple, easy, fast and low cost way through which companies, individuals and consumers can solve their disputes. Enter a different world using one of the most well-known trustmarks and make ADR point the point of resolving your disputes. Make all feel that where there is a dispute, ADR point is there to resolve it!

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Companies & Organizations

Post the ADR point Trustmark to your commercial websites in the customer services and information field.
Pave the way by informing customers, partners, members and visitors that you choose ADR point for the alternative resolution of disputes that may arise from any transaction with you.


Display the ADR point Trustmark on your private websites and social media.
Select ADR point thousands of everyday disputes (banking, real estate, family, insurance, leasing etc.) and share your experience with others.

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