365 Days Online


365 days online

The greatest advantage of online dispute resolution systems is that they are accessible all the time. No working hours, never close. Anyone can use them at his own time. ADR point for this very reason operates online 365 days a year!

Which are the services offered online?

  • Parties to a dispute can file online for negotiation services.
  • Parties to a dispute can file online for mediation services.
  • Parties to a dispute can use at any time the ADR point live CHAT service to get answers to their questions
  • Parties to a dispute may use any time they wish the online negotiations platform Smartsettle

To ADR point offers a new online dispute resolution world. Let's make use of it!

Is there an additional charge for the online services?

Absolutely none. The 24/7/365 service is completely free!

For more information contact the ADR point helpdesk at + 30 2310 510005 or online at info@adrpoint.gr