Easy, fast and affordable!

The ADR point network has a wide range of dispute resolution services. By using online procedures and mediators in several countries it has managed to offer services fees extremely affordable for everyone.

Free services

Free services are part of the policy and operation of ADR point.  ADR point Cross-Border Dispute Resolution Network provides,

  • free information to the parties of a dispute for the operation of  the network and the mediation procedures

  • preliminary meetings with the parties and their lawyers which is also free if the parties proceed to mediation through the ADR point network

  • free counseling for the use of extra judicial – alternative dispute resolution procedures

Comparison of procedures

Cost of resolving cross-border disputes through legal or arbitration proceedings is many times higher compared to mediation. Based on a study presented to the European Commission, the average cost in the Member States for resolving a dispute through court proceedings is 4 times higher than it is in mediation (2,500 € versus 10,500 €) and becomes even higher in cross-border disputes if multiple travel expenses, accommodation and loss of working hours are added.

Dispute Resolution fees

Cost of mediation in ADR point starts at 200€! Mediation may include, in addition to the fees of the mediator, hospitality expenses (if applicable) and secretarial expenses (if required). In online dispute resolution procedures there are no hospitality and secretarial charges but only payment of the mediator’s fees. You can find all the relevant information by clicking on the ADR point MEDIATION RULES