What is this Network?

Cross border transactions of all kinds give rise to thousands of disputes every day. The existing resolution mechanisms are costly and produce long delays. Parties could have a direct benefit from a fast, easy & simple settlement procedure. ADR point, based on this need has built an alternative extra-judicial dispute resolution mechanism which is available in many countries across the world, creating the largest and most reliable cross-border dispute resolution network.

How does it work?

The operation of the network is very simple. Companies, organizations and individuals can choose an ADR point network mediator established in their country and submit a request for mediation, by post, fax or online, directly to ADR point. ADR point will then contact the mediator they selected and an ADR point network mediator in the other country in order to convey the request for mediation to the other side and start the mediation process.   

What are the steps of the process?

Let's take as an example an ordinary commercial cooperation between French and Greek companies faced with a dispute:

STEP 1: The French company clicks on the Cross-Border Dispute Resolution Network icom, found easily on ADR point home page, and selects the country (France) and the mediator (French). The company can be informed about the mediation process by clicking the icons displayed in the page which contain useful information in its own language and can always contact ADR point or the mediator by telephone or electronically.

STEP 2: The French company submits to ADR point online, by post or fax a simple form requesting mediation to resolve the dispute with the Greek company. ADR point sends the form to the French mediator and the Greek mediator.

STEP 3: The Greek mediator contacts the Greek company and conveys the request of the French company to mediate their dispute. If the request is accepted, the necessary consent has been given by both companies and the mediation process will commence.

STEP 4: The Greek and the French company sign electronically the Agreement to Mediate and the process begins. All meetings are conducted online. However, face to face meetings are possible at the request of the parties.

STEP 5: Companies reach a settlement and the mediator along with the partis and their corporate lawyers prepare the Mediation Settlement Agreement, which is signed electronically. The case is resolved.

Who can make use of the network services?

Everyone can use the network services. Commercial entities no matter where they have their headquarters, individuals wherever they reside. The network covers all kinds of civil and commercial disputes. Network services cover mediation to resolve a trade dispute for defective products, a labor dispute between two executives working in different countries, a family dispute between spouses living apart in different countries and several more.

Who are the mediators?

ADR point Cross border Dispute Resolution Network has highly qualified mediators trained from reputable foreign institutions, with expertise and skills in managing disputes  and with extensive professional experience. The profile of each mediator is posted on our website under each country and makes information and communication a lot better and easier.

Online Dispute Resolution

The entire resolution process is usually conducted online. Parties may participate in the discussions from the comfort of their office/home, without having to spend time and money traveling to the other country. This way the resolution process is facilitated and accelerated. ADR point has modern electronic settlement systems that make the process easy and safe. However this does not prevent the parties from choosing to meet in person with the mediator or the other side if they so wish.

Which stakeholders has the network contacted?

ADR point, through its extensive network has conducted and informed public and private bodies and institutions, such as commercial and bilateral chambers of commerce, embassies, consumer and e-commerce associations, thousands of companies etc. all over the world. This way it enjoys a worldwide presence and is often proposed as an extra-judicial body for resolving everyday disputes.

More information

By clicking on the icons you will get a very good briefing on all aspects of resolving cross-border disputes. However, if you need more information you can always contact ADR point and its mediators in each country who will listen to you very carefully and answer any queries you may have.